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Dave Kent for data related to US and Canadian aircraft.

"Raffel" from Targetware for RLM colour template.

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Andi Szekeres for use of the images from Tomasz Gronczewski and Ken Foran of the Meceedes D.III engine.

Tim West for the sites logo.

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Peter Kempf, owner of the excellent Landships web site, has kindly allow me to copy and host some of his images and plans to this site.

Brent Mullins for allowing me to use the images of the Liberty truck, WWI French 75MM field gun and cassion and a 1917 FWD truck.

For those who like to collect plans and want a set, containing about 2,000 items, produced by Mike Fletcher, then please visit his web site at

Some cockpit images, provided courtesy of Steve Cox. Specific pages identified, includes link to his site as well.

Russian Ships ans submarines have been supplied by Vladimir Yakubov.

Antoine Misner for allowing me to copy items from his French WW1 vehicle site.

Vlad Arhipov also providing data and links to his site.

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Fokker DVII
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Our tips and advice for choosing your kitchen bin

Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is certainly the most difficult to equip in terms of garbage. The other rooms enjoy a more favorable situation: we prefer paper baskets in the office, small 3L trash cans for cotton, empty plastic boxes, etc. and the choice of model is therefore dispatched more quickly.

For the kitchen, it is another pair of sleeves: peels, leftover meals, fatty residues, chipped dishes, dust and other trash come fill our trash without anyone really paying attention. It is therefore necessary to find a poubelle de cuisine that is able to accommodate a very large variety of types of waste, from the largest to the most fatty, including sharp and smelly.

poubelle cuisine

Which opening system should be favored?

The simple cover

This is the simplest trash model, as we presented it for example in our review on the very good Rotho 7545008 Twist . No pedal, no motion detector, no push mechanism : this type of bin is attached to the essentials. It is necessary to lift the cover with your hands, or in any case to make a physical effort to activate the opening mechanism. In return, these kitchen bins are unquestionably the most economical that exist on the market.

The pedal cover

This model is a classic in the kitchen, since we often have both hands taken when we want to use a trash can. The use of a pedal, to lift the cover with a simple pressure of the foot, is a very convenient alternative: we explain it to you in our review dedicated to the Curver 187152 . Finally, this type of opening allows an economy of movement essential for some people with reduced mobility, or who have back problems.

Push opening

It is the perfect alternative to the first two types of trash: a simple pressure on the top of the lid is enough to activate a mechanism that will raise the latter. Closing the cover is also a breeze, as you just have to push it down until between the locking “click” in the closed position. The best example of this mechanism is that of the Curver 176459 of 40L, whose review you can consult on this site.

The inlay bin

The built-in bins are a little different from the kitchen bins market, due to their somewhat more complex installation conditions. However, they are a precious ally for all of us who have a kitchen with little floor space, and who do not want to get tangled up with a large trash can in the middle of the passage. Two excellent models are reviewed on our site: the small Hailo of 15L , as well as the excellent Hailo 3659 and its two tanks of 15L each.

Automatic opening

Both sophisticated and very practical, the automatic opening bin is also the most expensive. The principle is very simple: a small sensor, generally infrared, detects the approach of a hand or a plate to be emptied. It automatically triggers the opening of the valve, which prevents the user from physical contact with the trash. The best examples are the 58L automatic bin from Kitchen Move, or the Sensor Automatic range , also from Kitchen Move, which ranges from 3 to 50 liters of capacity.

Which trash can to choose for your kitchen?

Before you start buying a cookie cutter bin, take the time to think carefully about the configuration of your kitchen and the elements that could be decisive in your choice.